Vitorlás square, BalatonfüredLake Balaton is the biggest lake of the continent, and the city of Balatonfüred is the northern capital of the lake. Balatonfüred is always busy, full of visitors, and its spacious main square is an ideal venue for an open air event. What’s more: there is no more beautiful background than the light blue Balaton. Balatonfüred is also the centre of one of Hungary’s 22 wine regions: it is the centre of Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region.

Some interesting facts

KékszalagKékszalag – at the time of VinCE Balaton – is the biggest contest of its kind in Europe.



Nemere IIThe competition’s route is 160 kilometres, the record is 10:34:15.



fürj‘Füred‘ of Balatonfüred comes from the name of a bird – though ‘fürdő’ means ‘bath’.



TagoreTagore mall got its name from a Hindi poet, who recovered in the Heart Hospital of Balatonfüred.



Blaha LujzaBalatonfüred is full of literature related historic houses, for example our famous novel writer, Mór Jókai had a house here, and the most famous Hungarian actress, Lujza Blaha sent her summers in Füred, too.

Balatonfüred has been awarded ‘City Image Award’ for three times!


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