The Ice-Wine Man Cometh

In the middle of the night, in the middle of winter, there’s a very special grape harvest happening… Winemaker Boris Drenški is up late into the night, checking his thermometer. He’s waiting for the temperature to drop below -7˚C (19.4

The best Hungarian wines of 2014

VinCE Magazine judges freshly released wines month after month and also carries out themed tastings in which we seek the best among certain grape varieties or wine styles. Now, we’re going to reveal the wines that reached the highest positions over 2014′s 11 issues – the 50 wines are those that were given the highest… Tovább..

Memorable Harvest from 2014

An update for VinCE readers who were wondering how Chris Boiling, the Englishman ‘living the dream’ of making wine in Central Europe, is getting on… The worst summer in 20 years The dream lives on. 2014 was another memorable harvest. But not for the right reasons. Spring 2014 was so warm and wonderful that the… Tovább..

Where in the World are the Oldest Wines?

Where in the world are the oldest wines? Not vines (although that is another interesting question), but caches of seriously old liquids. Of course there is always the odd centenarian bottle stashed away, but where are commercial quantities of venerable wine to be found? I was inspired to think about this by the current vogue… Tovább..

Majestic Elegance and Top Gastronomy in Budapest

“Lavish elegance tailored for the demands of our time – this is going to be Prestige Hotel Budapest, the capital’s new hotel-specialty opening in the spring of 2015,” greeted his guests with this announcement Mazen Al Ramahi at the evening reception on 4th December 2014, where top business partners of the existing two members of… Tovább..

Wines, vineyards, passions

Three ladies, three passions: they love travelling, adore wine and good food. Their intention is to share this enthusiasm with the winelovers from all over the world. They had a dream: to set up a company in order to accomplish that mission. The dream has just now become a reality with the name of Wine… Tovább..

Tasting Macedonia Wines

Below is a selection of Macedonian wines that impressed my palate during my recent visit to the country. I provide tasting notes to help convey the individuality of the wines as well as the wineries that produced them. Most of the wineries are members of the Wines of Macedonia association, which was founded in 2010… Tovább..

Macedonia – a Country at the Crossroads

The tiny Balkan country of Macedonia lies at a crossroads in more ways than one. Strictly it should be called by its United Nations-recognised name of “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” or FYROM for short, as Greece has already registered the name Macedonia with the EU as a “Protected Geographical Indication” for one of its… Tovább..

How wine is sold in China

China was for long seen by wine exporters as El Dorado – a mysterious place that promised golden rewards if one could but crack the code. But that is now definitively unravelling amid signs that it is all very much more complicated and less promising than that, particularly now that President Xi Jinping has so… Tovább..

Wine and Sports Fans Celebrate Together at Lake Balaton

All the lovers of the Hungarian see, Balaton and the wine and sailing fans gather together this year 10-13 July, 2014 in Balatonfüred. VinCE Balaton wine and gastro festival and the prestigious long distance sailing competition, Kékszalag (Blue Ribbon) welcomes guests with the magical view of more hundred sailing boats on the starting-line while dozens… Tovább..